Sandra color healing --Feb 17 1999

Hi, Sandra. You are just in time for a change of color healing. That is, the way of seeing the colors is new today. The layout is new and there are some new elements to it. Because this is new technology, it might not work with your browser. If you have Netscape or MSIE version 4 or higher, that should work. If you are on a Macintosh or PC, that should work. It you have your browser set to about 15MB of memory or more, that should help. I've prepared two sets of pages. The Live Picture requires no plug-in, but it requires a Java-enabled browser. With it you are inside the color healing sphere and can move freely in all directions. The QTVR requires QuickTime software. You are in a rounded cylinder and can't see the very top and very bottom of the sphere. However, you have text links to the stars and seasons of the celestial sphere in the background of the healing. Each link pops up in a separate window. Don't go back in that window. Do come back and choose links from this one. Or you end up with many windows with the same content.

Here is my interpretation. Note that there might be a conflict between the Java and the QTVR viewers. If you know you have QuickTime and the browser says it can't find it, restarting the browser might help.

I am working to update the color healing pages with information about the new layout. The related topics are: celestial sphere, inner eye, and color layout.

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