lostNfound - mandala for ascension

Bliss, fabric sculpture

These pages are to give flight to your imagination. The rooms are called "Lost and Found."

For awhile the fabric sculpture, Bliss Transition was in a mandala for ascension, which was a full-sized, 3D model. See the panorama.

The description is in real time. At a transition, a vision of pure bliss. So impossible to communicate that it is a joke, a punching bag, a stuffed cloud cushion in the center. See the sculpture.

In attendance are three spirits who first appeared at Meteor Crater, close to the Hopi keepers in Arizona. I call them Meteor Crater Spirits. To the left, the triangle-headed Grebe, who stands for straight time and colors. Below, the square-headed Seraph, who stands for superconductive wind. To the right, the round-headed Muzlo, who, like a comet, approaches infinity on hyperbolic parabola in coming around the sun, but returns from the outer reaches of the solar system via an eliptic orbit. See a sketch of this configuration at the bottom of the page.

Above is the rising cave of brahma. Call it second base camp or shower drop. This one is painted on a found piece of wood.

To commune with spirits, consciousness must rise to a spiritual level. Here is blue light energy and orchid aura for you.



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