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MCS Message Generator

menu buttonmenu choiceThe MCS Message Generator has other names and previous interations. Here's what you do with it. Click the button and pick from the menu. For a healing, name it, see the transformation, and click stones to see what lies underneath. Optionally capture a screen shot to save it. See a full screen version.

Give it a name by typing in the input text box labeled "Enter name". Settle into peace, opening to receive your colors and messages.

buttonClick the rainbow button in the upper left of the healing window and from the menu, pick Color mune healing or Color stone healing. The layout transforms with randomly selected stones and colors tinting the background and and coloring the stones. For a Color mrune healing, mrunes cast. Pause to enter color and feel what the different ones mean to you.

The blank stones are upside down, asleep. The stones with mrune images are channeled from Meteor Crater Spirit symbols. Click the rainbow drop button (top left) and pick menu item Munesigns. If you didn't name the healing, Nameste greeting appears, and you can still edit the title. In studying mune signs, over time, you find personal interpretations. Here are labels for mine, that came instantaneously with the symbols.


To match up munes with mrunes in the message window, open a Munesigns chart from the menu and drag it around (see how it works). Overlapping runes, making transparentTo see what is under a stone, click it. It becomes transparent. In this example, two stones overlap. Clicking the top blue one with mrune being reveals the bottom green stone and the mrune grab. To see the Color palette, click it in the menu. It is the 216 colors of earlier color generators. The millions of current colors are based on these hues. Click to close.

This is phase five of the genre that started as the Color Weather Program that became a Color Healing Generator. The previous versions were based on visions of brain cells in expanding consciousness. I need to define the latest 2015-2016 phase beyond the geometry of EIEnor. See the EIEnor generator and links for history.

Galactic spine To see and use the interactive movie on this page, you need get Flash Flash 6r65+. See the intro to color weather. MCS. See the Galactic Spine background.

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