MCS merging, 1992-08-16

Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS) Munes

In the MCS guidance I learned a need to know a language. On September 27, 2015, the night of a supermoon eclipse, a clue to a language appeared in words and images. I felt like Odin hanging upside down on the world tree when he spied the runes, so I called them munes.

Munes: being, is, dynamic is, cathartic, opposite, sister, make, hot, treble, fear, furtive, lax, tipsy, friend, pulverize, tear, note, frisky, ill, trip, savor, push, catch, avuncular, time, balance. "Avuncular, as in "uncle-like". "Tear" as in to rip something, not as in crying. Later: hurl, ding, grab, swirl, tick. Here are the pictograms for the original and second set of munes, like runesigns, so calling the images Mrunes. The sequence follows the way they appeared out of the Galactic Center in the Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS) Mune Mrune Movie.

Munes and mrunes

Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS) Munes and Mrunes 1-31

Meteor Crater Spirit Message Generator - Welcome MCS

MCS Message Generator

An MCS Message Generator is evolving with munes and mrunes. It is modeled after the Color Healing Generator that casts runes and nodes in a brain cell of expanded consciousness. MCS messages have 31 mrunes so you can find your birth day in the set and see how it appears in the random generated casting on the topic of your choice. The background scenario is the Galactic Spine.

This image is a screen shot of the Welcome MCS message generated on its first day on, October 28, 2015. See comments in the weB Log.

See also the original sketches. See the MCS page.

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