Curvilinear galactic spine

Galactic spine

Spiralinear Galactic Path FULL SIZE

New and Full Moons 11 in October, 2015

On October 12 at 7:07PM CDT, the time of new moon 11, in visionary meditation at the end of an intention-setting ceremony, visions showed the galactic path we are on to be a galactic spine.

At the last movie for full moon 10, notice a dark golden curved arrow indicating the path earth follows around the sun during the year. Since the sun is moving around the galactic center, earth's path is spiralinear. Now let's improve the static orbits seen in Hello Galaxy, 2013. Since the moon revolves around the earth, its path too spirals. Here's one way to look at it.

In this picture the rainbow-colored spiraline is a galactic spine time line of our path around the galaxy. Specifically of earth's path around the sun on the sun's path around the galaxy. Each section is a year. 2015 starts out of sight at the top. In June on the Inner Solstice, the earth is between the sun and the galactic center out of sight to the left. In September, the earth is aligned with sun's path, following the sun that is always at the center of the coil.

The last of the 13 moons of this year appear in October, November and December. New and full moons 11, 12 and 13 appear on their spiraling path around earth. In December, 2015 on the Outer Solstice, the earth is aligned with the sun and the center of the galaxy, as far out as it gets in the year to the outer edge of the galaxy. In March, 2016 on the Advance Equinox, the earth is aligned with sun's path, as far ahead of the sun as it gets in a year.

As pictured on this calendar map, the solstices are color-coded yellow-green. The equinoxes are color-coded blue-violet. Note that in Hello Galaxy, the point of view is above, looking down at the galactic plane, oriented toward the galactic center. In this view, the point of view is within the galactic plane, looking orthogonally to the galactic center along the sun's path. So the galactic center is out of sight to the left.

This galactic spine is the background for MCS message generator. See Year 2015 13 moons page.

Full Moon 11

Full moon 11 mediation vision Full moon 11 was on October 27. Both morning and evening skies were overcast so I meditated indoors during the time of the full moon at 7:06AM CDT.

My journal says, " There was the blue consciousness pupil with sun rays coming from outside and flowing in to center like petals inward from outward light.

"I develop connection beyond my back and am transducer to the feet of my galactic spine and also my world."

See special case study of Spinning. See the weB log entry for more.

See Year 2015 13 moons page.

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