Hello Galaxy! starting shot

Starting point for mapping moon and Eyebing motions from Inner to Outer Solstice lineups

Alternatively, see YouTube version. Offline: direct version

Hello Galaxy!

The sun appears with respect to the shining center of the galaxy. Measurements are not to scale. See the movie: Vimeo or YouTube . Offline: direct version. There is a related event.

Earth iconAqua earth is near the full moon (on the wavy path spiraling around earth) orbiting the sun. In the image above, it is above the Eyebing on the Inner solstice just before the full moon. In the image below, earth is at the Outer solstice between the full moons of December and January and the Eyebing has reached the Galactic Center.

Eyebing icon

The Eyebing awareness starts here and now. Background comments for this artwork quoted below are taken the weB log 2013 on June 20 and August 8. The moon was full a few hours after the Inner solstice.

Inner Solstice, full moon and beyond

For me the start of galaxy people manifesting on earth is on the first full moon after the Inner solstice. The full moon brings them towards us but this year I'm seeing that the new moon, having swung around from being full just after the Inner solstice, between the galactic center and earth, moves to being between earth and sun. Centrifugally pulling out will help the galaxy people emerge and merge and transform with us. Galaxy people after all are just our galactic natures. They are characters. Attitudes. Understandings. Emotions.

In a sense, the angles seem like walking away from the solstice, following the moon around earth.

July 10

Seeing more about the solstice lineup, how beam news comes beaming from galactic center. Channeled through the moon, sieved by earth going to sun. Gathered by sun beamed back through us to full moon reflecting galactic beam with sunlight to us again. Our recognition, awareness, gratitude, gathers and refines the beam for human level and we transmit to sun as we adore its light and give thanks for its rising. So again love returns in waves and these reverberations are the stuff of life.

August 8

On the summer day we are tipped towards the sun and get max exposure. Then as we swing around the sun during the year, the moon is pulling us around every 28 days. Maybe that's the date I should look at. I should look for the moon at the equinox and then in December. Have to make events. Equinox, full moon before and after the Outer solstice.

Eyebing Moves to Galactic Center

The following image shows earth in December at the Outer solstice, lined up with the Galactic Center. It shows each full moon from June after the Inner solstice to January after the Outer solstice. It shows the Eyebing entrained by the moon, moving gradually to the center of the galaxy.

Hello Galaxy with all months, full moons and Eyebing progress to galactic center

With each full moon, the Eyebing moves closer to the Galactic Center

Galactic eyebing

Galactic Eyebing

In 2013 I planned to eventually incorporate the info in this movie in the Galactic Beam Being movie. In 2014 it stands alone.
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