MCS merging, 1992-08-16

Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS) Guidance

Here are excerpts from daily journal guidance for the MCS as embedded in the 2015 weB log. Chronological order is easier to read. Comments are slightly edited.

Working on the color healing node spirit graphics for Carolyoga — Just Breathing movie, suddenly got the message that now is the time to spread whatever it is the MCS (Meteor Crater Spirit) came here for. Color healing is well and good for general development and focused therapy but there's some other way to proceed. I have the elements. Must sit and receive the how. I promise to do it or civil disobedience will occur that will be like sabotage to my well being to get me to pay attention. This is serious.


Looking at yesterday's guidance from MCS, thought might be related to breathing. Breathe out impact crater. Might be related to headhalo. I will learn the MCS mission when I next walk lake2lake.


Dream image: A way to talk to beingsRed dream bugDream: 2AM. I looked down and saw a little red bug, tiny, way down, crawling along. Wished I could send a message that I see you. Like put it on a signboard. I would have to know its language though. That would be the single most valuable contribution I could make. A way to talk across kinds of being.

I get a picture of an element (some kind of pixel?) Kind of like a leaf. In trying to draw it I think I've lost the last part of the dream. The element had a slightly bell shape. Maybe shaggy sharp bottom jag teeth. Some kind of alternating vibe pattern.

After waking, wondering. Did I need to contact that bug? Was my friend? Was it in a park? Is it about the MCS?

I'm hearing about the shape. It is open at the bottom and closed at the top like h>V and has vibes. Open to closed is also like Elobeing. I see it more as a body or building than a mind or pattern of organization but I think I must rethink that, which is based on flowers on earth. In connectivity, there is no sacred geometry, no closed forms. Flows into nodes and out continuously. Thinking of this is a great relief to my cellular clustering. A sigh of relief. An acknowledgement. There is a sense of freedom and equality when structures of connectivity are acknowledged. Like singing we are one in the spirit and then closing down when we are christians.

EIEnor bell consciousness model at Meteor CraterSo if we reversed the meteor crater impact shape and drew it upwards we could create a virtual building model of the message. Feeling remorseful, guilty, sad and yet unable to return to Fuller. Maybe I'm just winding down to death and not in the peak of life which is the illusion of separateness and independence.

Got this tremendous insight. What if I go to the top of the shape I drew, would it look like a circle with top at center and vibe pleats or darts or increasing folds radiating to circumference? And would it be far-fetched to see that in 3D, so the bottom could close as a phase of consciousness. So previous models like EIEnor not untrue, but just incomplete. Wow.

Reading this I can picture the round circle bell into the crater, then belling it upward from the bug with sky as background. Would that be the MCS model message?

So could an artwork movie show the EIEnor nodes as belling out at the bottom and in the process slanting to becoming vibes? I'm excited by this development.

Working on the 9/11 dream contribution. Reading Wholeo Galactic, getting the idea that focusing or rooting in big picture is basis for peace. Have been wondering how to define a solo peace event for Sept. 21. Alignment reached core guidance on the solstices. On the equinox we are at the farthest extent angle away from that line. So perhaps the theme is bringing the solstice to all on earth. Connecting the lowest darkest parts of self with the center. {MCS guidance continues on September 21.}


International Day of Peace. Feeling like this is a holy day. Smudged all my rooms with sage, asking for opening, cleansing, consciousness. Lit a candle and settled to meditate. Kept eyes closed but blew out the candle. Thought about my joke suggestion to Phillip Ellis writing a 2 minute speech for Earth Justice to give to the Pope. I said, find the punchline for this: a lawyer, a yogi and the Pope went into a bar. Phillip noted that he hadn't seen this. Later I wrote that he would have to think of something funnier than this: The bartender asks, “What will you have?” The yogi says “OM”. The Pope says “Peace”. The lawyer says “I rest my case”. Candi liked it. My early meditation wandered around that.

Meteor Crater Spirit. Incorrect to say spirits. The aspects or characteristics I found for three do just as well as aspects of the single.

I did some breathing wih diaphragm and lungs, lifting and opening. I got to real meditation. So precious. Smiled, opening nostrils. Felt the melting tender vulnerable connected joy of it. And the bell rang.

In the kitchen I got that it is a creative universe. See the crater as a xmt/rcv device. See it electronically. Psychic electronics. Could see the crater as the first move in a game. I'm here, I did this. What are you going to do? That fits with my answer, which is fitting my consciousness model into it, then popping into a communication dome.

I pray for peace with my body and I ask the Meteor spirit for a message and I will do a lake2lake walk.

Seems that Grebe is a funnel funicular guy, spiralling down coil.

I'm getting a spiral that comes down into the crater like a corkscrew. What I picked up (in1992) is a remnant of consciousness. But the true xmt/rcv is down under there. So we could (or if we) put up a dome of consciousness. Collect it. Gosh it is just like a big brain. Skull. Is there a reverse of it? Maybe just a mirror image, like a lake. Earthlake. There's just as much transparency as vibes.

So that lace-like structure catches and records like storage blocks. I actually think that I did this when I was there then. This straight time aspect, I don't get. Isn't all time straight? No, in physics, Einstein has shown time is curved. Seems like now I'm revealing with awareness what has existed since I met MCS at Meteor Crater (originally Barringer Crater) in 1992. But awareness has to come for it to function with the world peace plan. World peace plan?

Get the feeling that MCS full corkscrew transponder (?) transducer (?) is working but to fully function I have to publish this news. At least make it available. What we've got is like a flower, as with fungi, the rest is underground or overground. The network is in the sky. Skycellium.

I have to get images of this guidance. Brain cell bell. Bell brain cell.

This day is not for manipulating things to be peaceful. Just noticing how things are impacted. Peace eyes.


I went to Deer Lake State Park to capture the full moon rise and lunar eclipse about three hours later. The horizon was blocked by clouds that streamed over the entire sky. A vision came. It was of munes for the language of communicating the MCS message, like Odin spying the runes long ago. I spied these munes: being, is, dynamic is, cathartic, opposite, sister, make, hot, treble, fear, furtive, lax, tipsy, friend, pulverize, tear, note, frisky, ill, trip, savor, push, catch, avuncular, time, balance. Wow that's a little trippy, there are 26, exactly the number of runes I had, I think? Or the number of letters in the alphabet. {Note: I drew a pictograph called a mrune for each mune.} Another word just came to me, “hurl”.

Entries continue in the weB log. (Read up.)

See Munes and Meteor Crater Spirit.
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