Peace day, Follow equinox, full moon and eclipse

Balance in alignment, see FULL SIZE

Peace — Follow Equinox — Full Moon in September, 2015

lichen as connectivity like neurons or the internetInternational Day of Peace, September 21

9/21 Peace

I walked Lake2Lake and recieved guidance from MCS. See the weB log. The lichen image reminds me of Internet nodes or neurons. Seeing it as the connectivity of peace. Submitting as panorama to the World Wide Web.

Some links: International Day of Peace. Imagine garden. Imagine peace tower. Invocation Vigil. UN Meditation Initiative. Peace One Day. I worked on my offering.

aligned on the Folllow Equinox with the sun zooming straigh ahead around the galaxy. Celebrating the point of balanceFollow equinox, September 23

9/23 Follow Equinox

The Follow equinox moment is at 3:21AM CDT on September 23. After honoring alignment with the sun and balance on earth, I worked on my presentation of guidance from MCS. Here is a start: the moment just before impact at Meteor Crater.
Meteor Crater Spirit about to impact

Full moon 10, September 27

9/27 Full Moon 10

September 27 full moon 10 (total eclipse) at 9:52PM CDT. This is a supermoon and total lunar eclipse. In the morning, moonset at 5:54AM and sunrise at 6:34AM. In the evening, moonrise at 6:26PM and sunset at 7:34PM.

Mrunes XMT/RCV galactic sun moon eclipse engagementThe morning sky was overcast but the evening sky was changing. I was on the ramp before 6:30PM but did not see moonrise. The moon appeared for a few moments before the eclipse. Time for Plan B. My task was how to virtually connect with the moon's proximity, it's alignment with the sun and direction around the galaxy. The visual of eclipse would help to get a bearing on the sun through the bulk of the earth at our back. Facing the moon we are looking at the galactic path where we have been. I imagined the alignment as a line from the moon to me, through me, earth and sun. It was an arrow on the sun's path around the center of the galaxy. Feeling it was wonderful and led to a vision expressed in a movie.

Glimpse of full moon before the eclipse with vision of the mrunes.

Glimpse of full moon before the eclipse with vision of the mrunes on September 27, 2015

This is part of a project to track each full moon rise and set for a year, recording positions around the horizon from a single site, the ramp in Deer Lake State Park, FL. Location: 30.29984 -86.07885

See Year 2015 13 moons page.

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