End of yoga, galactic connection via headhalo

Carolyoga — Just Breathing

healing audio vibrationsSick with sinusitis and pneumonia, parts of carolyoga that are just breathing work. Nothing energetic to detract from the body's task of healing. Do this gentle 8-minute routine with me. YouTube or Vimeo.

The scarlet color healing on the left is entitled "Seagrove Spiritual Antibiotic Blessing". The cyan on the right is a change healing for the black High node.

Some parts appear in greater depth on these pages:

Carolyoga Start (0.25)

Hieloheal (1.12)

Prana Path Breathing, Alternate Nostril (2:21). Also Drawings.

Color Healing Generator (6:56 ). Also layout node descriptions.

Headhalo (7:45)

See a larger photo.

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