Alternate Nostril Breathing, 1977 Description of 7 images in the series 1. Breath In Left 2. Hold Breath In From Left 3. Breathe Out Right. Way Out. 4. Hold Breath Out Right 5. Breathe In Right 6. Hold Breath In Right 7. Breathe Out Left

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Carolyoga - Alternate Nostril Breathing, 1977

Series of eight drawings showing energy flows doing alternate nostril breathing in sitting meditation position. When breathing in on the left, energy also flows in the left hand and the left foot. Hold. Breathing out on the right, energy also flows out the right hand and the right foot. Hold. The first drawing explains the process. The other drawings show how you might feel during stages of one round of breathing.

On the carolyoga breathing page I say, "First comes breathing out". It holds true for this drawing. Then go to drawing 1 and continue. Alternative ways to view these drawings are PDF or Flash Web Gallery.

This set of drawings was part of a show of meditation drawings at the Women's Center in Monte Rio, California in 1977. A comment in the guest book suggested that I go to school to learn how to draw a figure. That wouldn't have changed the figures in these drawings. I had an MFA degree and had taught advanced drawing at the college level. The anatomy in these drawings is of energy flows and inner sensations. It is not intended to represent outer physical consensus reality.

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