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The daily practice I call carolyoga starts like this video: YouTube or Vimeo. Imagine being in full moon light outdoors while tuning into the center of the galaxy and multidimensions. This yoga is home grown. Seeded with 40 years of gatherings. Propagated with visions and prompted by shamanic mystical guidance. Changing toward wholeness. Retaining what feels wholeo. I credit sources if remembered. I need to tell what yoga means to me and will link it in when I have done it. I wear ninja outfit so as not to distract with personal appearance.

Bowing must be described somewhere.

Feet grounded under hip bones with arms upstretched. Imagine drawing a torus overhead, rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise six times each way. Body stretched straight in the circling reach of hands extending. Learned this Alexander technique at a Silicon Graphics, Inc. seminar in 1995. With each circle honor light interaction that came to me in Nasca, Peru, in 1981, described in On the Way to Machu Picchu.

Mudras are hand positions. These came from intuited contacts, honoring the evolutionary all.

Breathe color healing light nodes and runesigns. I do carolyoga looking at the computer-generated color healing of the day. It has 12 pentagonal nodes in a structure of expanded consciousness, two that are the interstices or prototets and the background or surround, plus a casting of runestones and runesigns about what is on my mind. Breath connects us.

Hieloheal centers crown and pineal awareness. This position and the healing intention came to me in grief over the death of my son in 1992. Added Woman's Kundalini in 2017.

Since 2012 blue light has been increasingly important as a Galactic Beam Being. Here and cosmically. Sea wave foam suggests blue light action. Go with the flow into the rest of yoga.

Namaste forward and back.

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