Woman's Kundalini. Alternatively, see video on YouTube

Woman's Kundalini Yoga. Alternatively, see video on YouTube

Outer Solstice 2017 - Woman's Kundalini

Woman's Kundalini Ongoing development of the 12-21 retreat insight, "... it (serpent power) is not kundalini for an evolving female. There is a radiant source like a hair drier hood of sparks to be attended.

12-23 I can't find the pic I remember from an old journal entry. It is of my head with a form like a bowl inverted over my head, maybe a hemisphere about 3" from my skull all around. Coming over my eyes, through mid-ears, just above hairline in back. It is dotted or dashed lines radiating from the center of the top of the hemisphere. At the end of each line is a drop or droplet. The main reason I wanted to find it is to read the guidance that came with it. Now writing this, I see a form with drops or pearls set into the line. Spaced 2" apart. This expanded skull cap may serve as antenna. Something like a crown for European royalty. Or is it related to five brain cell coordination. There are at least 12 strands.

12-25 With respect to the wakeup meditation vision of 12-21, when searching for kundalini in wholeo.net, an ad came up at the top of the search results page. emergingsciences.org/kundalini-experimental-project/ says kundalini is the evolutionary energy residing in the human body. Later they say it is a mechanism linking the activity of the reproductive system and the brain. Pranayama stimulates the center at the base of the spine near the sex organs. My vision indicates a separate process. Not linked to sex organs or chakras or flow charts of ancient systems. Reading 2017-11-02 web log, says kundalini was sphere expansion.

Working on the solstice vision art. Have sort of cap with clumsy drops so far. Seems there might be a small eliptical oval at the top, from which exude the drops of nectar that flow down the ribs and replenish the end drops. They do not fall but fade and so are renewed by the flow. Each rib different timing so all drops not falling at once. Still don't have a description of function, duration, occasion and so on. That is, don't know much about it. Kundalini is an orgasmic fountain increase in awareness. This is more like a thinking cap.

Activate backDuring yoga got a hand position for activating or channeling the woman kundalini. Tried to get some photos of one arm. The backs of the straightened fingers from knuckles down are pressed together. Both arms are fully raised and stretched back so fingers are pointing at the cap and thus down to the bald spot on the head. This is like at the top of the head but toward the back 3 or 4", matched up with the center of the tilted cap. Thumbs are together pointing back. I guess I need a tripod setup and movie to try to visualize it.

It is an evolution of the hand position for visionary meditation.

1-3-2018 About Woman's Kundalini. Call it channeling. Seeing the two hands as double risen snake heads. Let's call it Kundalini++. How can I photograph the two hands the way I see them with fingers pointed to eyes? The two palms cupped. A Visionary Meditation page has a hand position that is a precursor to this. Mosque-top thumbs. There I have the knuckles and palms overlapped to cup crystalline earth. I'm getting the feeling that Woman's Kundalini remains risen. Does not have to be repeatedly energized from below. Cap can be Geome cupped.

Drop from arrayReading the text I am so moved. The white orbs that remind me of devas of Peru now remind me of the flying drops I saw with respect to drops on cap. I have a better name for it: kundalini cap. The shape is expanded cap as in head covering. The only association that is problematic is that a "cap" often encloses and stops something within. Whereas this channels from without. I'm learning so much today. What can I possibly publish? I did not record in journal when I saw drops as an array. How about a graphic of my drawing over the water drops on the screen on the retreat? Well as it turned out in Photoshop, the screen did not get in. Dissolve blending did a lot for the background. I did get the feeling of a flying radiant-drop.

Several drops Swirl drops   Faint drops   Sparks

See Journal details for the event and followup: weB log. Event: Outer Solstice 2017. Retreat: Outer Solstice Retreat - 2017.

Carolyoga Kundalini interim developmentCarolyoga kundalini interim development Continuing: see Evolutionary Awareness with Woman's Kundalini or for the months in-between interim development, see Carolyoga Kundalini.

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