Dawn window at Old Age Retreat 16 on March 5   Outer Solstice 2017 forest at Grayton Beach State Park

Mystical Camping

Gateway to solstice campsiteI have a new tent named "Content". It is a centered space of arcs and circles that lets me do yoga to fullest extent while seeing and feeling continuous with nature.

In 2015 I'll start with a seed story honoring the Outer Solstice (and my 81st birthday) with a flashback to Content's initial outing, seeing blue doors in the forest.

Blue doors in the foggy forest Blue Doors

The dark seed, before the sprout. Potential. That is my theme.

Star center In 2016 a star center came at my Old Age Retreat, a mystical camping adventure for the week 2-28 through 3-6.

Inner solstice 1016 Seed Stalking Looking forward to the Inner Solstice 2016 - Seed Stalking. Have the seeds of the Outer Solstice grown?

Outer Solstice 2017. Semi-camping from a screened-in porch. Woman's Kundalini.

Advance Equinox 2018. Eastern Lake Campground 1.

Inner Solstice 2018. Semi-camping from a porch.

Follow Equinox 2018. Eastern Lake Campground 2.

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