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Outer Solstice 2017


Welcome to a silent solstice meditation on Thursday, December 21, 2017


Let's do it on the solstice. What I learned from Zen. Links.

Online silent meditation

Meditators arrive in silence

Welcome to a silent outer solstice meditation space

Three Zen things with Caroling Geary of sitting in the earth position

The group sits in a circle around the sun in the center of the room

Feel the lineup of earth, sun, and galactic center

Practice Zen slow walk

Slow walk footstepsHow to do the walk. You are never quite still. You put the ball of your right foot down gently as you inhale, slowly lean down on the heel as you exhale, then move your body weight slightly so you can raise the next foot, to put the ball down on the next inhalation. You try to be aware of the flow of movement at each moment.

Meditate 1 - 20 minutes

Slow walk - 10 minutes

Meditate 2 - 20 minutes

Zabuton or Zen meditation cushionSitting on a cushionHow to sit using a zen cushion. Principles of posture. The purpose of the cushion is to help create a firm base supporting your spinal column through your neck to the top of your skull. That base is the triangle formed between your two knees on the ground and your pelvis on the cushion. Weight is distributed down on the cushion and out and down through each leg. No part bears it all.

Folding from the knees down and positioning the feet were the hardest for me to learn. When I first did yoga I folded my feet up onto each thigh, in full lotus position. After a few years, I injured my weakened knees, requiring meniscus surgery. I do a semi-half lotus where one leg is placed over the other where it feels best. This varies. Problems with this might not show up during a 30-minute meditation. But several sittings in the day can become painful, showing where the balanced position has not been found.

The rest of your body is arranged to balance so when you completely let go, you remain. There are no pushes and pulls to topple your stack. No strains to be relieved. Also, your breathing is free from pressure on all sides.

Questions and Discussion

What have you learned about meditation? Sharing and Discussion.

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Solstice is at 16:28 UTC (10:28 a.m. CST).

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Meditation Practice - sitting.


Meditative art

Insight Timer

Nancy James document, "How to do everything by learning to do NOTHING" from Mademoiselle magazine, June 1978.


Outer Solstice Retreat - 2017

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