Cabin Map and Shoreline at Grayton Beach SP

Grayton Beach SP, south of the cabin

Outer Solstice Retreat - 2017

Grayton Beach State Park

Camping is too hard for me now, so I went to a cabin with a screened-in porch in the forest overnight on December 20, 2017 for a mystical retreat.

Gulf of Mexico to the south of the park catches sun almost aligned with galactic center, 2017-12-20 Starting on the beach, the day before, I tuned into the sun's path to the galactic center.

Wind-swept atmosphere carried spirit aloft Wind-swept skies carried spirit aloft.


I meditated semi-outdoors on December 21, 2017, the morning of my 83rd birthday. Outer solstice time: 10:28AM CST. Meditate 10:13 - 10:43.

A vision of woman's kundalini came See the journal details for a description of the inspiration behind this image. See the Woman's Kundalini link for the movie of forest meditation.

Location of center of cabin area:

30.33508, -86.17971

Grayton Beach SP cabins 2 town map Walking along the beach from the parking area in town.

Healings for Meditation


See Journal details: weB log. Event: Outer Solstice 2017. Vision: Woman's Kundalini. Section: Mystical Camping.

See Healing graphic: MCS Galactic. Color: EIEnor.

For context, see the external Grayton Beach Florida State Park page. See the Florida travel page.

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