Evolutionary Awareness with Woman's Kundalini

This content could have gone into Web Art since it is a visualization. It could have gone into Imagine/Evolution/Consciousness since it is an ongoing adventure in awareness. As a breathing practice it is integrated into the daily routine of Carolyoga. But it is Yoga=Union in many of the deepest and most obscure senses. Its genesis is under Mystical Camping. This video bypasses the links to the months between December, 2017 and May, 2018.

I still don't completely know why it is "kundalini" or "woman's". For me, often a vision comes with a handle I accept. I welcome and act on the vision long before explanations arrive. Part of why it is "Woman's" is traced in this video, beyond the big bang to Feminine Ray vibes. I'm working on defining the kundalini aspect.

Feminine Ray vibe energy transformers streaming both ways. In and out cycles looping in an unlimited process. With me, tune in from the black hole atop an imagined hood streaming pearl drops. At the same time drops rise from underfoot, synergizing with evolutionary brain cells on the way up. This process is an elemental, intercellular circulation beyond breathing. It is not confined to traditional energy paths. Visions of this came in association with Woman's Kundalini Carolyoga practice. Now it seems like healing energy entry to evolutionary awareness has always looked and felt something like this.

To visualize something is to create it in your imagination. When the portholes are done, I'll be better able to verbalize the practice. See Continuing below.

Alternatively, see this on Vimeo Evolutionary Awareness with Woman's Kundalini from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo. Or see a YouTube version of the video on this page.

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