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I live, walk, and get visions between two lakes. It has become the context and metaphor for a current visionary practice that I call Lake2Lake. Making movies helps me get at it, see Lake2Lake to Galactic Center. The plan was for several modules. Shatter, Talking, V2h<->h2V, Walking and Lake2Lake. Ideas for this adventure stem from experiences documented starting with this entry in my weB log.

Lake2Lake to Galactic Center

Lake2Lake to Galactic Center movie See the movie on YouTube or Vimeo. The movie contains all the modules and more. See the following descriptions. {Top}


ShatterTo start with, here's a brief video preview, Shatter Sound to Pearl Steps. Choice of movies: YouTube or Vimeo.

Shatter! I woke up to the sound of glass breaking, tinkling down. Where I live, no windows are broken. As a dream, a pearl appeared. In walkingMeditation, I plant a pearl with each step. Chanting: Pearl, Step, Pearl, Pearl, Step. Pearl, Step. And so on. In the preview, footsteps walk on the beach.

Chanting goes: pearl-step, pearl pearl-step. Why pearl? Instantly remembering that page from otwtmp that has all the ea words:

REASON   |   IDEA   |   ICREATE   |   REALIZE   |   TEAM   |   MEANING   |   HEALTH   |   FEAR   |   STEADY   |   YEAST   |   TEACH   |   EASY   |   PEARL   |   SEANCE   |   REACH   |   EAGLE   |   FEAST   |   PLEASE   |   EARLY LEAP   |     HEAL   |   BEAM   |   FEATHER   |   GLEAM   |   REVEAL   |   NUCLEAR   |   HEAD   |   READY   |   HEART   |   EARTH   |   GREAT   |   THEA   |   OCEAN   |   BREAST   |   HEAVEN. Ea is a spirit of the first 40 steps.



TalkingSecond module, Shatter Sound to Pearl Talk, telling about the wakeup vision of the pearl and what it is for. Choice of movies: YouTube or Vimeo.

I woke up this morning with a shattering glass sound and I'm still feeling sort of like the shattered glass. Some kind of barrier between me and Elobeing. I'm not paying attention to evolutionary being design. He can't keep a clutch in our communication, its fading away and he wanted to say goodbye. And I got this pearl. This pearl. A water being. What to do with this pearl? Is it a way that we could communicate? Like a track-ball sort of thing? Keep track. I'm putting down little pearl roots all along this track. To the biological pearl lichens, to tune in see if there's any news from/to for the adventurer. Hello. I wonder if evolution is like this. Like trying to maintain your old ways but know you need new ways. Just sort of feeling your way. The movie has evolving changes of the Wholeo Symbol for an example. {Top}


V2h<->h2V talkModule 3, Vertical2horizontal to horizontal2Vertical talk, telling about spiritual energy conversions. In the movie, this is Module 4. Choice of movies: YouTube or Vimeo.

Thinking about translation. And always receiving and sending out vertical spiritual energies translated to horizontal earth energies. Suddenly in this fog, I thought, why not horizontal to vertical? I seem to be a tremendously horizontal person. I write horizontal with a small "h" for earth and Vertical with a large "V" for beyond.

evolutionary splurt or thrustThe splurt shows gathering up the horizontal energies (whether within or without) and focusing them upwards. The progression shows increasingly fine and high energies, sending up above. Calling them Ups. {Top}


Pearl Roots and Ups walkingModule 4, Pearl Roots and Ups on beach walk lake2lake. In the movie this is Module 3. Choice of movies: YouTube or Vimeo.

Splurt 3DA figure is visualizing, experiencing and translating energies with pearl roots and Ups while planting pearls on a beach walk between lakes. Each pearl step sends roots down into a mycelium-like earth energy network. At each most down-to-earth moment, gather horizontal energies, translating to vertical spiritual energies and send up a pulse, a beam, a multi-D galactic connector. Repeated steps act like pile drivers, further implanting pearls and increasing interconnectivity. {Top}



Module 5, Lake2Lake evolves into Head Halo, tuning into Galactic Center. Choice of movies: YouTube or Vimeo.

Sections of this 1-minute movie are: Visions, Walking Lake 2 Lake, Pearl step, Shatter, Head Halo, Tune in to Galactic Center, Receive and Transmit.

See the modules gathered into a full movie of the visionary channeling practice. {Top}


Pearlizing {Top}

The End

Wholeo Galactic Symbol to Sirius day/night

Major Event of Transformation Body with tetrahelical spine

For guidance expressed in context, see the weB Log. Search on concepts. Or start with the shatter dream and read up.

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