Evolutionary splurt

moireActs of the imagination are devoted to being all that you can be and bringing that to whatever you can imagine. And vice versa. This one is about interaction with the evolutionary splurt. Also called evolutionary thrust and other names. The background picture speaks to the energy involved.

splurtThe splurt or thrust is one of my most recurrent visions. It appears in previous artworks here: Color Radiants and as psychic structure in Leo Geary NRG Traces. The circulation appears in the evolutionary Elobeing. 3D antenna component in Adventures in Awareness 2017.

Try the thrust splurt button to left. Hover or mouseover for 3D action. Click and hold for healing.

beyond splurt

The reason behind this imagery is a beach vision of May 30, 2010. It unifies and provides the solution for the two unfinished threads of late 2009 (see Carolyoga Breath Cleansing) and early 2010 (see latest on New Year's vision). Here are journal excerpts:

Seeing lake spirals as going fast, spinning through complete cycle with each breath. Seeing those cycles as ccw on right as red and cw as blue on left in lungs. Makes no sense with respect to circulation which is in and out whole body, not lungs.
Then thought it is not blood circulation or air circulation. It is not lungs and arteries or physical circulation. This is prana. Pranic circulation. Is a mental exercise. We have to get over our anatomy. Our physical view of body and reality is so lower chakra. Red. Base. One-dimensional. Visionless. Again, the camera has scared us into forgetting what we had already forgotten, which we need to remember, what is off the chart. Which is not ever diagrammed. Which is free flowing and ever creating and changing.

I was seeing the two kinds of spirals. Don't know when I realized (or decided) they were parts of splurts. First saw this vertical. Then when realized it was prana, not blood and breath, it tilted point forward. Became thickened in some beyond 3D way. Maybe expressed as a globe of repeating slices of them. At one point a swimming fleet of them. Seems I can send them off like schools of fish. Is that healing? The feeling was that it was like solar panels in the grid. When there is buildup of solar energy, it starts feeding back to the grid. That is quite a significant view of it. Like we collectively are prana connected. But exercizing collector or active prana creates only what I need and is able to give back to all. There's no way we are separate.

Saw the double spirals into both lungs. So I said what does that mean because before I had the in and out being the circulation. Maybe could vary it. Have a different circulation. Not just blood cleansing, but prana.

I saw the point of the double spiral down. And coming up into each one, like breathing from earth center. Can't remember the sequence, but it did flip from one to the other. Left gets red, then right gets red, then it got kind of thick, like memory of all the places it had been, happening at once. Then went back to the straight ahead.

The genesis of the evolutionary splurt and circulation drawing was 11/27/93: establish connection in beyond brain while grounded in within brain, then reverse the vortex drain of unevolved cosmic juicing. The connex are from spirit coils in conjunction with light comingling. The top is the unknown (brain of the beyond). This is evolutionary circulation tapping Wholeo extremities.

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