Feminine Ray vibes Twisties and Original Mind Star Center Inverse Mirror Mirror Sparkle Star Cone of Drops Channeling through Hood Receiving Drops flowing down Grounding Drops Attune Integration Integrity Sending Drops with 5D Brain Cells, flowing up Transmission Hood Cone Drops Transfer, focusing up Sparkle Star Drop Consolidation Sparkle Star Awareness via Star Center regenerating Twistie expansion ACK Original Mind No Name

Stills from the porthole on the right showing the movie from the side

Carolyoga - Woman's Kundalini Porthole Storyboard

Portholes schematic - top and side view of the awareness practice as visualized The screenshots above are from the Evolutionary Awareness with Woman's Kundalini video. It will play on the right side of the dual porthole display. The left side will play along with the same content and process from a different point of view.


This is a start to the list which is incomplete and preliminary, pending final development of a porthole video. See Storyboard above.

Feminine vibes porthole opening Feminine vibes port hole opening

Woman's kundalini feminine vibes from beyond and before the Big Bang Woman's kundalini feminine vibes from beyond and before the Big Bang

Hood from top for Inner Solstice 2018

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