Carolyoga - WholeOOsphering

5 brain cells expand and synergize, forming EIEnor, structure of expanded consciousness. EIEnor consciousness affects all cells, awakening, synergizing, structuring. Carolyoga Noosphere within.

11/27 Spiritual healing. Blue light above to be flowed down within. Later referred to as blue energy. increasingly small distribution fibers from head to toe. Light blue aerates red, opens circulatory system. Singing stuff like "wave after wave of love all around me, give me the strength to go on". Do tiny tsk tsk (whisking sounds and flicks) all over aura. I found a left calf and right top shoulder connection that I bridged with body from hands on either point. Opening a flow.

11/29 Massive vision experience starting with something like Leslie's blue energy flow, but in large to smaller increasingly diminutive wholeOOspheres. With wholeopens flinging, moving, sending streamers of connex. Large spheres on top, bubbling down, finer and smaller, and more frequent. This might be how I'm transcending. Transmuting. It is as if every part of me is translating in expanding mode. Every part translating into a 5D structure, so much more capable, greater capacity capacitors. Unseen, folded back under human being facade.

12/4 Reading 11/29 vision of the blue energy flow. Can see it over a black and red/yellow flamed dark carolyoga figure. And the bubbling expanding and then contracting and folding back in. Maybe get the figure walking back to the camera.

12/18 Tonight, envisioning the wholeoopen. But each ray does not end. I'm not sure of the process, where it is a reach out that is met by a reciprocal reach out. Or if it is mirroring in some way. But I can't see the rays as ending. They grow out. And out and the out is gently twirling like my guitar gently weeps. Like DNA part twists. So perhaps for tomorrow, I can make some fading into mist ends, so the whole story isn't visible, but it can be later.

This series for the Noosphere the entire field of human thought has gone beyond, so I'm calling it WholeOOsphering.

Carolyoga Noosphere.

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