Wholeopen at Eyebing Galactic from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo.

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Galactic Wholeopen

Background and credits for elements of this artwork are in the weB log 2013 on September 5 and following days on up. It is part of the Galactic Beam Being event.

There could be a Wholeo open, which is a Wholeo symbol straightened into an X with different angles, lengths of legs. A mirror V? Wholeopen. It is a way to show multidimensions. Not flat, multidirectional. Just thinking that, felt a radical freedome fredome freedom of probing dimensions of choice. The wholeopen legs angled into this and that dimensions for its meaning. That's why the legs could look irregular from a 3D perspective or viewpoint. But they would be symmetrical in multi-D.

The eyebing in the center of my forehead could be a transmission center for wholeopen. I can see it moving with the different angles and lengths of legs. Is a curve a more subtle and complex way of speaking angles than a V? See eyebing in the Galactic Beam Being movie.

September 5, 2013, during yoga practice, doing that, some sort of latent ability feels energized, opened, activated. I feel like a more complete human than I've ever felt. Doing warrior pose variations, I feet all my cells or some micro parts of me becoming wholeopen transmitters. Catching on. This is catchy.

September 14, during sunrise meditation I created the eyebing of Wholeo. Thought about the vibes. Felt wholeopen, active, but not related to the sun particularly. Maybe wholeopen would match the angles of the sides of the vibes. It was a vibe regulator. That was at a coarse granulation.

  Eye of Gaia with Eyebing

Galactic eyebing

Galactic Eyebing

This video is a study for a more complete beam being vision.

On July 26, 2013 I observed Galactic Synchronization. See the movie: Galactic Synchronization 2013. I found the Eye of Gaia cave on the Nature Trail in Parvin State Park, NJ.

See Wholeo Galactic and Galactic Beam Being.
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