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Galactic Beam Being

Background and credits for elements of this artwork are in the weB log 2013 on July 12 and following days on up. However the beam is first mentioned on Feb 14 and note when I am the beam being on April 9.

Here is the text for the study:

At an Eye of Gaia
Geome crystal communes with Sirius star
Align Wholeo shaman seed with pineal gland
Chip of Sirius centers in inner eye

Movie within a movie:

I pray that Galactic Beam Being manifests on earth and in all her peoples.
Eyebing at eye of Gaia goes Galactic
Wholeopen becomes vibe regulator

This video was to be a study for a more complete beam being vision. That hasn't happened unless the beam being is being expressed over time. It could be as described for EIEbing at Galactic Center. As of 2014, attention is elsewhere. The following pages also are part of Galactic Beam Being. See Galactic Wholeopen movie clip. See Hello Galaxy! See Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event.

On July 26, 2013 I observed Galactic Synchronization. See the movie: Galactic Synchronization 2013. I found the Eye of Gaia cave on the Nature Trail in Parvin State Park, NJ. See also Eye of Gaia Creek Sky Catcher.

Chip of Sirius star at inner eye   At Eye of Gaia   Eye of Gaia with Eyebing

Galactic eyebing

Galactic Eyebing

Color range for blue nesses

The background color of this page is close to nesses

See Galactic Synchronization.
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