Carolyoga - Woman's Kundalini Breathing Video

In learning a practice some steps along the way become less part of the main development. In May, 2018, breathing does not feel like the way Woman's Kundalini works. As this inquiry is ongoing, not crystalized, see it as part of the unfinished process. See elements streaming both ways.

With me, tune in from the black hole atop an imagined hood streaming pearl drops. Begin breathing in deeply, fully as drops bottom out at ground. Pause, holding breath in. Breathe out while awakening 5D brain cell synergy, deeply, carrying brain cell signatures, pause and hold breath out. Mind's eye travels way out up cone to sparkle star. Way way out engages star center. Repeat breaths. Touch the colors of Woman's Kundalini feminine vibes from beyond and before the Big Bang. Alternatively, see YouTube version of the video.


Cast of elements in order of appearing in the movie

Black hole Black hole small elliptical oval at the top, from which exude the drops of nectar that flow down the ribs of the hood and replenish the end drops

Hood Hood Hood positioned over head as first seen 12-21-2017 as first seen for Woman's Kundalini vision of 12-21-2017. Also called a helmet or Kundalini cap

Me Me These are Caroling's visions but when you see Me, let it be you. Perhaps Hand position in kundalini streaming energy flow doing the energy facilitating hand position or mudra

Drop Drop Early example of Pearl Drop which over the years became a drop. Yogananda jewel drop to "be". Once is the pineal gland. This movie has current drop undefined.

Breathe In Breathe in process where drops stream down from above streaming drops from above to below

Tuning involves antenna awareness of attention focusing

Streaming involves changing signals progressing along a path

Brain cell, Expanded brain cell EIEnor this EIEnor shows the vibe patterns of the 30 square faces of five grayscale cubes with the 20 dual-triangle faces of the 10 inner tetrahedrons framing the 12 connecting pentagons. In this context, call them wholeOOspheres

Breathe Out Breathe out process where drops stream up from below streaming drops and wholeOOspheres from below to above

Cone Conepassage conduit from hood to sparkle star

Sparkle star Sparkle star at far out above over apex of cone

Original mind Original mind

Star center Star center start of life changes in light contacted at the Old Age Retreat 2016, Start of Life, changes in light

Woman's kundalini feminine vibes Feminine vibes from beyond the Big Bang from beyond and before the Big Bang, associated with the Feminine Ray grounded in Peru as described in On the Way to Machu Picchu as a balancing factor to a Masculine Ray grounded in India.

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