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OAR16 Visions of Feminine Light Vibes

Mystical Camping, Old Age Retreat 2016 day 2 on 2/29/2016, in the afternoon, another vision arrived. Alternate: see movie at You Tube. Here's what I wrote at the time.

ring spiderweb by Pat CumminsImage taken from a photo of a tiny spiderweb by Pat Cummins of VisionHeart Art on 4/17/2016. Grateful for permission to use it for the gentler birth circle in the movie.

Storyboard for movie below.

Vision Vision. Going back in time

Path Led down a winding path

Cave In a cave

Rock Behind a rock

Big Bang Is the Big Bang

Feminine Vibes Before and beyond is the original womb, a gentler birth, the basic vibes of manifestation

Light Changes Changes in light

Shell Cracked Commences to break my shell, the luminous egg, cracked open all over


Here's what I wrote at the time, edited for clarity.

Heading into end of second side of greetsun yoga when thinking about the Magical Passes Series Two, Liberation of the Womb, which has to do with evolution, a second function of a woman's reproductive organs. As Castaneda says, "Awakening and full exploitation of the womb's capacity to process direct knowledge—that is to say, the possibility of apprehending sensory data and interpreting it directly, without the aid of the processes of interpretation with which we are familiar. . . . to become deliberately conscious that they can see energy directly." I thought about my intent to decide and what does that have to do with womb. Switching to womb energy. A long vision animation ensued.

It started like an initiation to the start of life. Back to the mother, the original womb. Is the Big Bang Theory postulated by men? Before that is the mother and a gentler birth, like vibrations, basic vibes of manifestation. Everything drumming. I am led down a winding path behind a rock in a cave and there are changes in light. This light commences to break my shell, the luminous egg, cracked open all over.

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