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Yogananda hands Funicula a jewel. It's clear but acts like mercury. It's liquid and has all the 3 qualities of light. It's free form. Strangely, it appears momentarily between his fingers as about 1/4" in diameter but it has no size, no geometry. In a sense, it's encompassing even if invisible. Prana paths are in it.

Yogananda seats this jewel in Funicula in an inderminant place. She is to transcend her sense of body placement. He instructs her in the use of the jewel. This is to be her permanent Kriya for her life on earth. She is not to think of chakras or prana paths. That will be done by her whole self, better than she could think it. She will do eight breathings or more, if she feels it proper. Actually the spirit coil will be automatic too. Later she will learn how to direct these processes to what end. Usually just "be" the drop. That's the place to be.

It's a liquid. It's a melting. It happens to Funicula and the man at the same time, consecrated as soul mates.

This jewel is her lens. Maybe it's her inner eye. Not given by guru, it was hers all along. He just helped her open it. Add now the resounding, AOUM.

" hat, it has 3 corners, 3 corners has my hat. And had it not 3 corners, it would not be my hat..."
This a.m. her dream is an old childhood song.

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