6/22/79 The eighth breathing is like Do in the musical scale. It encloses the chakras and is the seed and first step towards a new anatomy. It's the key to how Funicula traveled so far yesterday. During Yukteswar, break connections and let power flow into reservoirs. Then, in Lahiri, spread these goodies to all on the material plane. The galaxy angle is the entry.
A two-way communication tube... for funicula and these creatures.

6/24/79 The in-out radiation meditation brings these beings closer. They can separate or fit in a group and reseparate in different combinations. With them individuality does not imply constant loneliness or constant character. This fluidity gives greater freedom to the whole group. When Funicula sees into their nature, they gather around her egg-shaped 8th prana path in Kriya. They are helping her form a galaxy body. This is what they can do together.

6//25/79 The galaxy people come from beyond Sagittarius. She attracted them in the solstice astral travel meditation. They are forming a shell around her. The inner layers have given up hope of mevement. They are melting in a soft, hot, lit atmosphere into inner layers that will form a supportive structure. They look quite modeled after the "Sphere of the Higher Emotions," (a psychic structure Funicula sees around all people.)

The relaxing spasms help the galaxy body to take shape, dotted lines draw into the center, indicating if she rids herself of ego, she can grow the body right inside her. They will come into her being. She knows how to transcend ego, now she wants to transform ego. It has useful elements. So what must go? The brain cell? The angles? The spirit coils? What? These questions are far from being answered.

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