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5/28/79 Unity is multiplied in diversity. . . .
With a small spirit coil for each cross, her powers of collection are almost infinitely amplified. This will go on from now on.

Yogananda as a gently glowing large area of clear flat light; a very close, tenderly illuminating presence.
"You have taken responsibility for your spiritual breathing. Now it is yours and flows effortlessly.
It's very complex. It involves the area, time, and people around you."

5/29/79 New love and Funicula climb another mountain.

"Love and bliss to you, Yogananda." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

<- Ungathered <- energy -> gathered ->
5/30/79 Now Funicula learns the movement of spirit breathing refers to circulation for material manifestation and is involved only past the colors. The inner spirit breathing is not a movement. It does not have a dual, in-out nature. At the light center the light is. It is still and one with the spirit breath. Funicula steeps and centers in this stillness.

5/31/79 Kriya stops at Babaji at the crown chakra. The spinal glow is expanded by breath of fire. She feels herself to simply be a wavy column of light.

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