Funicula is doing Kriya away from home. She activates the area as if it were a being; cleanses chakras, gets spirit coil going. The field is intense and expanded.

The clear light is active, not radiating, but pulsating and interacting.

6/3/79 She removes obstructions to the light. Only awareness moves. No colors, just activating the unradiating light of each chakra. The Yukteswar or breathe in right nostril is also the process of the Navaz (a distancing, and seizing of the hidden aspect of the light). Males often avoid it but females recognize in the Navaz that their time has come. We ennact the much maligned and feared desire. We are elastic action, the "putting into the records", the "making sure that this exists." And when there is union betwen male and female, the polarity and electricity of each is doubled.
In beginning Kriya, Funicula sees the lower the chakras, the more breathings they get. To equalize, she now practices intermediate Kriya. It is activating the whole circuit, breathing out (Babaji) from above the crown chakra each round, but concentrating on each chakra sucessively.

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