6/26/79 Funicula can't focus on Kriya.
She tunes into the man. They become one. She has his clarity. He has her forms, gestation, and nurturing manifestation. With him, she can get where she wants to go. Together in the stillness. At the end she sees the amerindian guide clearly. He says, "Keep your feet on the ground. Do the book."

She sees her higher emotions become identified with the earth aura.
She sees it become her when she brings her higher self down into her body.

Yogananda appears in vision. So as not to crush the strawberry plants, he does not manifest physically.

They find this a hilarious joke. She touches him in imagination but their eyes do not meet. They put their heads together so their pineal glands (inner eyes) coincide.

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Kriya Yoga page 19

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