Baba Hari Dass comes to sit with Funicula. The excange of essential patterns creates a music. An extremely high note is placed at her root chakra. Her mind is amazed. How much higher will each successsive chakra be to keep up? Then she feels so deeply the fine peace always following Kriya.

There's a joy flooding Funicula. This is a liberation. This happens every now but it seems so astonishing. Funicula prays, "O, please help me open my life to this joy."

In breath of fire #2 she concentrates on the spiritual breathing. During each hold the 'up' and 'down' energy can be concentrated into a 'pearl.' Here there are two pearls and she merges them. She's transforming her body. She's changing to a different energy supply.
Breath of fire pearl. Spiritual breathing sphere.

Yogananda comes and blesses her intuition, the 6th chakra, for today. She's to imitate his vibration, fast beyond comprehension, a very cloudy purple with Navaz spectrums.

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Kriya Yoga page 14

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