6/4/79 Funicula is so depressed, she does no Kriya.

6/5/79 She sees the spirit coil reverses its current in breath of fire. It happens unconsciously and can be consciously intensified. "Thank you, Yogananda," she says. The 3 part light has become one wonderful light. So nourishing to be up before Dawn.

6/6/79 "Yogananda, help me to be aware of your presence.
The whole Kriya structure could change. The chakras could pool and the prana paths (now going from small to large) flatten. The top loop opens, at Babaji. So now I'm open from both ends. To be clairvoyant, I simply have to involve myself in life and do what comes up.
I now breathe in from the top and bottom of the prana path."

Eileen Garrett and Yogananda are helping Funicula be clairvoyant. This will be Yogananda's last summer near the earth plane.

  1. Yogananda is being and bliss
  2. Babaji is being one with one.
  3. Yuktesar is selecting an aspect to encounter.
  4. Lahiri makes it part of life, meshing gears and giving input to the material world.

All the prana paths are condensed to bear on the root chakra.
Each day the next chakra is given all paths.
During breath of fire, each chakra gets flattened condensed spirit coils.
In this way each chakra gets an understanding of them all.

1. root, 2. base, 3. navel, 4. heart, 5. throat, 6. pineal or inner eye, 7. crown.

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