Stages in "pearl" making.

6/21/79 Summer solstice, the closest earth gets to the center of the galaxy and Funicula's sunsign stars in Sagittarius. She makes a chakra chart with flowers. She breathes in their fresh rainbow to her aura in Kriya practice.

She breathes the sounds the hummingbird whirrs. She breathes in the flower colors so that her Kriya may be out there in the world for others, today.

A direct communication: "Look with your left eye". Now the other core coils will be developed.

Then at the orange (2nd) chakra, by the power of Yukteswar, she sees from Crux. At the yellow (3rd) chakra, she sees from Sagittarius. With every breathing she gets farther past the center of the galaxy and closer to what seems like purer spiritual breathing. She does an 8th round of Kriya.

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