In the holds after breathing in, the new step is to reach out with the top and bottom locks and pull the opposite into the center.

6/16/79 Funicula writes in her journal: "Today I am creating a double of the chakra-prana system! So in Yogananda and Babaji I get into and abstract me as a cloud. This is a step towards my clairvoyance. I feel much solidified. In the Breath of Fire, the spirit coils whirl into being in the double. I'm recreating my psyche."

6/17/79 An unclear Kriya, too subtle to understand, nothinking, just 7 breathings. Her bearings are lost.
6/18/79 She's lost faith in the guru. How is he different than death? She realizes she's free. Any barriers were ones she put up. She quits Kriya.
6/19/79 She does Kriya again and begins to understand what's new.

It's an 'L' energy. While breathing in, a vertical emphasis is changed to in-out emphasis on the hold.

It is like a change from willful prayer to meditation.

In breath of fire, the whole lung wakes up. Instad of stretch and deplete, it is way in and way out. A tiny movement at the bottom of the lung is enough to activate the oxygenation. It has the effect of miniaturizing and condensing the chakra, prana-pearl, and L systems. In-out in-out fast.

She's trying to learn the secret of not breathing, yet maintaining the body.

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