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Again, Funicula awakes wtih dream songs running around her brain. She writes in her journal. 6/29/79
"Looking for the light, Looking for the light, We are Looking for the light. Many are the ones who are looking for the light, To see the dawn of peace."
"It's a heartache, Nothing but a heartache," etc. I'd say, if anything, I'm dreaming of a female angel of light. I'm happy and ..."

She gets the information that Yogananda will reincarnate as a female Aug. 29 in the Himalayas. But Funicula has her doubts; it may be in Peru.

When she goes out to Bump (the tube frame dome made of great circles) to meditate, she finds a white chicory blossom has opened. They usually are blue. Is this a magic mutation omen of the day?

"Today is the last day in my 7-week initiation. I pray for guidance. And how am I to pass it on? Comix?"

"Should I stop yoga? It's an escape. Misery. Then bliss in meditation."
Then Funicula sees that's how it is. The trick is to spread the meditation into the life.

The spirits assemble momentarily. Funicula goes. The death of her ego is achieved for awhile. In Kriya there are new lessons.

The triangle is reversed. Point Down. It's wrong for women to breathe up. It keeps them secondary because it's coming from the wrong way. It's inefficient and intimidating. Correct way is: Gortai, Annilee, Yogamaya, Mataji.

The new names are female gurus. Yogamaya is Yogananda reincarnated. Mataji is Babji's sister. Gortai and Annilee are Peru-Amazonian. Funicula must go find these gurus. Funicula isn't happy now. She's spaced out. Time for a rest.

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