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5/25/79 White, 7th (crown) chakra day
Breathing white light is far superior to any color. The prana paths have a diamond sparkle of great power and energy. Fuincula feels she's ready. She loves herself. Slowly she's coming to her god/dess self.

spiritual breathing channel
like a neon cross, changing vertical energies to horizontal
she tries spirit breathing many ways when holding ordinary breath
but there's a vibration at each chakra higher and faster at each
she can't do it very fast, yet it's energizing
she uses it as a model for slow spirit breathing
then she feels a waveriness which is like the spirit breathing letting go into the ever faster vibes of each chakra
in breath of fire 3 (faster than ever) the diamond whiteness reappears and there is
mixed spirit coil and prana path circulation and spirit breathing.

Funicula prays to see the unity of the 3 kinds of light

  1. The light that does not radiate (clear and still) is everywhere.
  2. The radiant light (shining) is connection to the colors.
  3. The light that comes in colors (rainbow) is connection from colors to:

5/27/79 Now that the three lights are one, she sees spirit breathing can't be done intentionally. Each chakra has its own rate.
Each little cell has its own rate and cross spiritual breathing through the crown chakra. She feels the laser power of bringing all the crosses into alignment so they act as one (without changing their rates). With this she makes a giant pearl combining her energy with the spirit breath.

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