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Next day, writing after Kriya ....

5/20/1979 "Dream: 'The revolt of the boxed sea creatures'. I sure get the message of ORANGE today. How I'm dealing with my parents repression (in the orange chakra)."

In breath of fire after Kriya, Funicula sees how the orange goes in and out from universe to center. All the chakras breathe two ways. This process really cements what happens in Kriya.

5/21/79 Yellow day. Yogananda has her stop Kriya at the solar plexus breathe in.

"It is wise to do Kriya seated western style."

  1. Ground self.
  2. Feel two sides.
  3. Breathe in left nostril, say 'Yogananda'.
  4. Hold color first chakra, yellow.
  5. Breathe out right rostril. Say 'Babaji'.
  6. Hold with God/dess at top of chakra.
  7. Breathe in right nostril. Say 'Yukteswar'.
  8. Hold the spiritualization of the prana.
  9. Breathe out left nostril. Say 'Lahiri M'. Hold in ground.
  10. Breathe in left nostril to 2nd chakra and hold.
  11. Breathe out right nostril and hold at top of orange chakra. Color it yellow.
  12. Breathe in right nostril. Negate prana path and hold.
  13. Breathe out left nostril and hold.
  14. Breathe in 3rd chakra and hold yellow.

The yellow energy helps her mentally see her process in cartoon style.

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