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Partial solar eclipse on 2017-08-21 at 2:13PM CDT

Partial solar eclipse on 2017-08-21 at 2:13PM CDT

Solar Eclipse at Deer Lake State Park 2017

The solar eclipse of 2017-08-21 was special since the path of totality was visible across the entire continental United States. Deer Lake State Park, FL, experienced a partial eclipse. How did it affect the park? I'm finishing this page after the event. Since I celebrated the physical and the meta-physical aspects, I was doubly engaged. Features: Ideas, Equipment, Timeline, Links, and Other eclipses on See preview, portal, seen, or meditation. Alternatively, see the video on YouTube.



At noon, walk from parking lot to beach lookout taking baseline photos. (Actually took baseline photos before the event. During it, just between the parking lot and the boardwalk kiosk.) Site ideas: forest canopy, boardwalk, kiosk, dunes, shore, Gulf of Mexico. (Did all these except shore and Gulf.) Place tripod at optimal forest site. (Done.) When meditate? Meditation best during totality, which I guess is a couple of minutes. (Meditated at home at eclipse start for 15 minutes. Meditated at max for 15 minutes.) Maybe have small tripod for Sy and one for Mome too. (Had tripods for Sunny and Lu.) Should do any Facebook Live? Maybe at end? (No time to even consider this.)


Noon, go to my site for Gaiafield meditation at start of eclipse. (I did this at home.) If can't stand the heat, possibly go home and return 30 minutes before eclipse max. If it is thunderstorming, prepare to emphasize a seated meditative experience rather than a mobile photographic experience. (I was there from 12:15 to 2:15PM CDT. It was largely sunny, with variable clouds becoming overcast before the eclipse was finished.)


  1. Wear Forky, a GoPro Hero 5 black head mount, so you can see what I see in real time.

    I'm assuming it can do brief sun looks, as that's what sport cameras must do. (This worked, except I turned it off by mistake so I missed my favorite part: the crescent, eclipsed sun-shaped shadows on the walkway.)
  2. On tripod, set Lu, a Panasonic Lumix FZ80, to record how the eclipse shows up in the forest. Broken zoom, supposedly corroded. Might try straight up but can be in focus if no zoom? (Yes, it captured the crescents, crickets and light over the path through the forest.)
  3. For looking at the eclipse, monopod, Sunny, my older Sony with 1080 HD with equal zoom to Sy. (Captured the changing view over dunes to Gulf.)
  4. For voice recording during meditation, Sonny, my oldest Sony. (Yes.)
  5. Pocket Mome, iPhone SE, for GPS coordinates, selfies, panoramas and backup. Have on tracker just for kicks. Screen shots of weather. (Tried photos of the sun that didn't work.)
  6. Carry Sy, my main camera a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX 10 III, finding the best shots of the day. Movies, photos, panos, whatever. (Yes. As hazy clouds drifted over the eclipsed sun, I got the photo at the top of the page, with no damage to my eyes.)


Eclipse overview: Begins 12:06PM CDT (1st contact). Max 1:38PM. Eclipse Ends 3:04PM (4th contact).

12:10 start Gaiafield meditation.

1:39 Sit for personal meditation.


Eclipse data

Local, WaltonOutdoors:


Live coverage, NASA:

NASA corona in Eclipses and Transits:

How it will look in Nashville, TN:

Sky map above my area:

Photo tips:

Florida local eclipse animation (scroll for your state):

Weather forecast:

Gaiafield meditation:

Ancient yoga take:

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