lizards at moon

Lunar Eclipse, 2008-02-21 3:26 UT

The graphic envisions the full moon being eclipsed by earth's shadow, with lizards from the Ivey House, Everglades City, Florida, USA. There the total eclipse was on 2008-02-20, at 10:26 p.m. (22:26) EST. See a larger version. See separate photos that combine in this one. I was near there out on the water in a kayak on an eco adventure, where I took the cloudy pictures. See images and movies from the trip on the Everglades, Florida, USA travel page. I didn't see deer lichen (commonly called deer moss) in the forever glades, but lichens and lizards tune in to MindField. See the original "looking forward" page and also a movie from the observation tower. For eclipse information, see the links.


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