Journal on Pineal, Tuatara - Lizard Array


In starting to meditate, get that the connection thru the Wellington tuataras could burn them out. Each one is a messenger, but not for this sustained amount of time. Need to focus on Stephens Island (Takapourewa in Maori, native language) as an array of tuataras and use them as a group. Only a tiny portion of each 3rd eye is devoted to the process of linking me and the tp {TuataraPerson}.


Thinking about the Two Thumbs and whether can see Stephens Island from there. Not sure what big peaks might be in the way. Thinking of beaming to tute array.


In meditation started working with inner eye as advanced pineal of the Akashic. Tuataras like an array. They should be all over the world as they used to be. My work as Gaia Point meditator is to talk to them, they amplify, I do, it is a bouncing back and forth. So am I to use time freedom to bounce from the time when tuataras were everywhere? Yes, can do that. But there are lizards everywhere and they can serve too. {Note that the image is of a lizard-like creature such as a tuatara, salamander, skink, or newt.} As the actual moment-in-time direct contacts. Upon that realization, it was as if lights of attention popped on all over the world. Just magnificent. Kind of a sound and a feeling of action, like we're definitely doing something.

Lizard as Spirit Animal


Also in touch with all the tuataras as an array tuned into the shower drops.


Need to introduce the lizard array, in preparation for the staff planting at the Two Thumbs. And part of MindField, that is, all are contributors.


... lizard array circled focused on staff, from afar. All different kinds. Then a timespace thing. How staff related to Gaia Point? And when centered, that is in Pangaea, the staff is right there by the lift off in Owens Valley. See it dreamlike with transparent continents overlapped. In that view, lizards centered there.


... wondering about my lizard array and fact that it doesn't show lizards. ... I'm daunted looking at my journal. Realizing it is because of that history that to me a lizard array seems meaningful. But whew, no way to present all that. Hoping it works as art without the conceptual underpinnings. Next week thinking of using the sketchup iguana and making a 3D ring around the staff and maybe around the world.


Seeing a deer lichen (commonly called deer moss) cloud, ethereal deer lichen forming under the lizard array circling the staff.


... the lizard array is circling around the staff, which is becoming a light tower.


TODO: get alligator into lizard array. Get lizard array into tuatara.


{Note, working on Eclipse at Everglades Tower, with an array of alligators.} Strange how I rarely foresee how to actually achieve the vision, so it is a constant adjustment to the reality of what I'm doing. I think I should build up array and they should point down so array fans out and gradually builds. When movie ends back where it started, the array will have built up to fan out over the countryside. That is hovering over, but as popped up vestiges, images of themselves. The self on string that I've visualized and read about.


One alternative ending is to go around and fade out the array the second time around. One alternative ending is to darken the scene to night and stop in front of an eclipse scene, in a sense watching it from the tower with the array pointed inward. It isn't pointing at you. It is pointing inward, which is not in you.


Looking at Lizard Array to Staff movie, springs to mind to continue the global movie, whirling around earth to Everglades tower and then focusing that array with the water lines, the flow of Everglades river of grass towards the staff in NZ again. Get that global feel. {Did it, see From Everglades to Staff.}

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