Two Thumbs peaks

Staff - Two Thumbs, New Zealand

A movie (choice of QuickTime or Flash) shows an Ibar Tetrahelix staff manifesting at the Two Thumbs, NZ (see fly-around).

Ignited by the ever-aware tuataras, a lizard array alerts and aligns at attention to the staff. It starts in Stephens Island, at the west end of Cook Strait, between North and South Islands, NZ, home to many tuatara and close to the one I met in Wellington Zoo.

See a movie (QuickTime or Flash lizards) as the awareness spreads globally.

See also a movie of the lizard array focusing close up to the staff (QuickTime or Flash).

Another movie (QuickTime or Flash tower) shows lizards lift from the Everglades in Florida and swoop over the ocean to the Thumbs.

The image is of a lizard-like creature such as a tuatara, salamander, skink, or newt. Perceive these actions in MindField.

Two Thumbs col, staff sitetuatara and lizardfocusing on stafftower to staff

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