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initial sketchToo narrow, rigid angle. Cancer. Have to interpret vibes with EIE, deer lichen (commonly called deer moss), and will, which is a communications task. Will return intergalactic signal, saying I am not trading in bars, such as the above drawing. Improvise. Be improvisational. {Now calling these iBars}


I'm looking at the guidance I got while driving out of Pensacola. It seemed so valuable that I actually wrote it in the notebook while driving. I must interpret. I'm picturing having antlers in aura, in deer lichen configurations, and catching these things. But what do the ones we need and usually deal with? I'm thinking plain vibes. If so, could the above rigid bar (why called bar {Now labeling as iBar.}) be deconstructed? I can't tell if it has gotten decongealed or congealed in a form that sickens 3D cube brain cells and tets. Or if is an intentional sickener. I had the feeling that the narrow angle was less than 60°, constraining, that we need 60°. That is the angle that we are tipped to the galaxy. So are we intercepting vibes meant for a near neighbor? Perhaps our sending out satellites and radio signals and voyager explorers is pulling in signals that we mess up for ourselves. Like frying our cells from the outside in, from aura receptors to brain cells to localized body cells. See them like boomerangs.

This is an absolutely huge development. By asking the right questions and following the thread of correct intuitional answers, it could be key to understanding intergalactic language, signals, and maybe even negotiating protocol. It is (started to write slightly, but it is fully) dangerous. Would be easier to hunker, build shields to deflect, or defusing strategies alone. To take it on, is like catching the boomerang and returning it with my own direction and spin and perhaps modified structure.

Part of this came out of reading article in magazine about huge new cancer institute or building as part of U of FL. Realizing most of $ go to drugs and therapy rather than prevention or understanding cause. In other words it is all deflection and dealing with encounter or event passively. And that is heavily reinforced by the money to be made. Our economic system is so counterproductive and oppressive. Why do we tolerate it? We buy into it. So part of the resistance to my work will be the fact of $, not a truth issue at all.

Remembering Dr. Wild back in Minneapolis. Was a cancer researcher. Came to our parties. Never talked about his work at all. But I wondered what he was doing. He was into finding a cause, I think. It has always seemed to me that we've never gone beyond Dr. Wild, we're stuck in the 50s as far as real cancer research.

It seems important that I'm taking on these bars, sick bars, in symbiosis with my partners. Only with their support am I able to not be battered and defensive. That's why I can see what is happening. The problem with the bar is that it is an insolvable puzzle, so our cells in Alzheimer's get focused on trying to interpret or decode something that is not decodable. It is not a koan. It is not a paradox. It is a real communication that has gotten garbled, either intentionally or by accident.

Given that, there could be something we are doing that pollutes. I think it is the one-way nature of our broadcast. That's it. Broadcast. In personal relations, when one person broadcasts, the other suffers. We have to be two-way. So is it what we are saying? Is it the way we are saying it? Like how could the transport system be altered to always have not only a send but receive capability?

We need 60° as shown in the EIE bow tie. With a bar doesn't bend, not curved space, can't curve with time.

XIs it possible that the bar represents a greater frequency? Or another superimposed sphere? Or broken parts of an X? If take all the bars possible in our brain cells and structures is there any pattern?

Thinking and wondering about the cancer bars (iBar). Along the lines that it is destructive as hitting straight, like oxygen burns. But assimilated correctly, we can't live without it. The first intuition was that the bars are positive things. Saw one approaching EIE and collapsed it so the triangles or angles touched and widened the angles to 60°. It was like the tuatara in Wellington that sprang to life when I double flexed pineal. There was instant enlivening of EIE like newly energized and beginning to function in new way. I haven't a clue as to what that is. All I know is that there is no going back. I'm shocked that it is such a simple key. I thought the bars would be part of a larger structure affecting all the angles of the EIE.

Also thinking about the angles. Only clear in great circle models, with essentially linear surface tracing of lines. When look at cube and tet models, can't see where those angles would be.

I hope when I do a movie of this that it makes more sense than my Elobeing traces. That doesn't make sense as a movie. Maybe the text explains? It is beautiful to look at, which might be the key, though.

I see now how it fits into the tets of ordinary brain cell.

X on TLMSee the X? Well, I would have to stretch it to show how the bar inserted distorts the BC. Removing the bar makes it not gone but a tool. Now need to look at translation of vertical to horizontal energies.

Strangely, through ancient mysteries, visited William Henry's site. His mind sort of works like mine. Interesting he finds such cosmic things in Nashville, TN, so close to where I installed Wholeo Dome. Look at this picture, superimposing a christ figure under a Cern physics particle image (in white). Looks like the Cern removed the bar and collapsed the figure. Here's what Henry says: Does the God (or Christ) Particle exist? Will we be able to discover it? What will it mean?" See http://www.williamhenry.net/blog.html, in dmlake http://www.williamhenry.net/spear.html.

{Going to call my guidance "iBar". Looking at this and the God Particle term, sure looks like God Cell in a wholly developed individual. Look at that text again!}


Spent time in Google Earth. The White Mountains are 3D, making a dramatic movie of Leo's last flight site and dropping of the UAUs quite possible. I placemarked about 3 possible access points. I'm going with the highest because is 7k feet. Don't know. There are actually several bends in the road that it could be. I marked the Gunter launch.

Seems this iBar thing should start back there for some reason. But I could do a much narrower geometric thing. Which I think I should do as the weekly bite. At the moment I can't feel the connection between UAUs and iBars. There's a sense that the bar is valuable, just misplaced. Like it could be spinal translator of vertical to horizontal energies. Or could be kind of a wand thing. Antenna? Maybe the only way this valuable thing can be delivered is in iBar. But we have had to learn how to extract it. Or maybe the way it gets embedded is the only way that our bodies know how to catch it. Reminds me of nets to catch fish, that catch dolphins too, by mistake. If we knew what we wanted and made a specific-enough trap or receiver for it, the iBars would never get snared in our cells.

Last bit of insight: the bar bends or breaks in the middle to stop suction attaching at ends.


Thinking about how show why iBar follows Uo in perception. That is, I need the whole story to show the symbiosis. It has to be a kind of earth epic. I write that sentence, not knowing what it means.

Will need a sound narration with this movie. I'm trying to condense a body of guidance that previously took years into a week or two.


Thought about iBars a fair amount on my morning walk. Releasing and stacking between the lakes {Eastern Lake and Deer Lake}. First I thought along the bike path but didn't like thinking of it that physically applied. Not literally, but a polarity thing. A keeper thing. However the task is not demolition but construction. Started iBar truss antenna. Is like the reverse or inverse or dual of the vertical to horizontal energies. This is the reverse: horizontal to vertical energies. Not exactly sure of the structure, but seems to be tetrahedral and building in outside silhouette like Eiffel Tower, up to antenna status. I get that this is passing some benchmark or test for advancement.

During yoga, more sense of iBar action. The glow beams, which have kind of been collecting (like chorine arises out of water), can rise up these channels and back out the top of the antenna. They must be transformed in some way. There was some extra info on what provides a suction or a less pressure at the top, which induces beams in and up along the interconnected bars. I've lost it.

There are 1,700,000 results for a search "cancer and alzheimer's, chemical structure". Seems Benzene is cancer causing, inserts itself into DNA and is in NSAIDS, such as Motrin. Daunting. The iBar could be something like that.

How is my DNA? I'm putting this into the glow beams, like in hopes of getting an answer.


Widen end angles to 60°. Then I can imagine shrinking bar and rotating angles to vibe along the spine related to chakras. Would fit right into the breathing cloud schema in Wholeo Dome.

Here are the pics I picked last night for the tower, tetrahelix is what I was envisioning:

The EIE is called icosa-docedahedron?


Does deer lichen or EIE come to isolate and lift the bar? And what do we do with it? Does it start the expansion to 5D EIE? Does it spin uau into uo? What sort of transformation or development is the right way to go with it?


Felt I was stacking iBars along the bike path. That is big ones between the two lakes. Feeling of the original vision look.

Trying to model an iBar in SketchUp modified in Photoshop CS3. By noon I have a crude ibar looking like constructed with lathes. I have it covered with green vegetation as organic looking.


Making an iBar logo. Choosing Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed. I have been resisting the smalltalk version of iBar. But it does read with a lot more clarity than Ibar, where the I looks like an L or could be pronounced ibar as in ibid.


On the way to the beach I found a gorgeous lichen named Olga, that had fallen or was scraped off the tree onto the road. I picked it up and we conversed. Olga loves iBars. They instantly became toys and flipped around. Later it seems the two ends are anchored, with an arched center, forming a kind of tunnel when multiplied. The playful ones seem to spin the ends back off the lichen. That is break iBar in half and spin the prototet triads off.


So much I don't know. Have these always been around? Are they special things that get emphasized when you are open for evolution or ready or needing to evolve? All I really know is that they appeared as significant forms to me. And I got the info that with evolved synergistic consciousness, one can use the forms strategically or for some purpose. Don't know what that is exactly.


I must address the barrier I'm facing. What best expresses an imaginary entity is how the traces are behaving. They are vacilating in transparency. For the computer that is movement and transparency and increases the "expense" intensely. That is it takes CPU cycles to render the complexity, quickly. And it takes memory to store all the different states to render. So if I make all the i creatures transitory looking, I might get slow and upredictable results.

This movie is going to be the advanced forms. Next week can do the glow beams, intro of characters, UAUs, whole script maybe.

Felt need to read Leo, energy traces in New Zealand. When read about the energy staff to plant between Two Thumbs, thought of iBar. No, too divisive. But could reinforce the thrust with a tetrahelix built of iBars. Might as well. As good a place as any. {Would the iBar keep its end fingers, Vs? Or maybe they could wrap to bind the structure together! Could even be like twist-ties.}


The original iBar movie says interpret vibes, must define. How are they related to iBar? I think I was thinking iBar derived from vibes when not received evolutionarily? Also was using "interpret vibes" as an overall statement of receiving what could be iBars non-destructively, or rather evolutionarily.

EIE: could show 5 versions of the brain cell clustered and merging to EIE (where EIE is a verb). I EIE (i.e. I am EIEing). Or are Elobeing traces stand-ins for the EIE. Do want to show that? Perhaps can just do visual takeoff of the traces to show where they are coming from. Evolutionary elements.

Deer lichen: have to get a good closeup photo where iBars can be captured by the structure. Is possible to use the Liquid Starlight of the Mind version expanded? Advanced Gaia consciousness.

Will: is my spinal vibes (translating vertical to horizontal energies). I will place a structure at Two Thumbs col. A col is the lowest point between two peaks. Human factor.

In my new movie I have included Uos (see September 18 and 20 at that link), not mentioned in the original movie.


Guidance is that glow beams and Ester {spirit of Eastern Lake} are into kink-bending iBars. The idea is to put the slightest notion of flex into the bar. That raises its consciousness and helps it participate in evolution vs just being tool of disease. Kink-bending then is a big help. Darla {spirit of Deer Lake} then, what do you do? Lift.


Am seeing a dual movie page where iBars getting kinkBent in Eastern Lake, bounced up, and getting delivered down into the cleft. Or col {of the Two Thumbs peaks}.


Saw the sequence of iBar coming in towards brain cell, associated to deer lichen, which catches it. UAUs twirl on Uos over to UAUs in lake where glow beams and Ester kink, bend, and lift. That's as far as the vision went. But I suppose they would be building towers. And what was other use? Seems like at one point I saw tetrahelix and something else. Maybe EIE? Wow. Could it be the framework associating 5 brain cells? Maybe just the stiffeners, or possibly some nerve element, note the dendritic ends.


Started yoga and got vision of iBars clustering into my upraised fingers like long dog-biscuits or antlers, flowing streaming into aura being. Later when kneeling, feeling the iBars flowing out.


In the movie, I could interrupt right as iBar is approaching brain cell. Context, the lakes, the glow beams, the other players, the deer moss all grab and work with the iBar and eventually create the iBar tetrahelixed. About that, I'm not sure if it is constructed and then installed at The Two Thumbs col, or if it is built in place.


Woke up thinking how the staff is probably the most complete lifetime artwork I've ever done. How all parts of my experience were needed to make it happen. For example in the tetrahelix model. The craft skills from childhood. The sculpture training. The math training. Interest in Buckminster Fuller. Photography. Keeping useful stuff to make things. Then there is the whole string of guidance, from the staff in Peru through Leo's death (such as this) right up through evolution into iBars. Then all the computer tech stuff with Google Earth, publishing and the different programs.


Up and hoping to build iBar tetrahelix. Suddenly feel that it is a real magic event, not just a representation of one.


I think the deer lichen I'm looking at today (5098) will serve as background for 2008, MindField. I can see it encrusted with iBars, maybe they fly off of it to build the tetrahelix.


deer lichen closeupOn nature trail (see Zoomify image), coming back (another Zoomify image) from the dock on Eastern Lake, deer lichen all large and perked up and communicative, say HI. Lots of tiny iBars thrown up to me if I stack in spirals, paired with spiral reverse stack. That is, do spiral stacks both ways. It "keeps" them (idea of magnetic keeping). Hard for me to see and do the opposite way. I get it and see the stacks take off, that is multiply and like fractals, sort of miniaturize and form into larger double spiral helixes made of lots of little spiral clumps that I had started making.

Had sensation of conscious evolution. Like participant in new activity. New for me and deer lichen. At another point, coming back west from Deer Lake, the wind was strong coming east at me. Felt in touch with Leo, how he felt in parapente, how he knew lots about the wind. Also that wind has consciousness too. Strange that consciousness is not as fixed to objects, particularly life forms that have an individuality that we recognize is similar to our own. Consciousness can be inherent in a process, like a gust of wind.


On the path to Eastern Lake, when I looked at deer lichen, I could see helices rising like the spirals I saw servicing brain cells long ago. Say every foot or so, in quilt tabs pattern all over the forest floor. Incoming sensations. I must graphic this. Thrilling. It has the tooth of deep reality and the intensity of bodily engagement that tells me there is something way past fantasy happening here. We always wonder at life's mysteries, but there is nothing to compare with being a part of the genesis of them. Is that mindfield? Should I be developing a convention for discriminating visions from photos?


Felt structures at Blessings Beach even though it was behind me. Like twisties coming up, the spiral energies, but flung out from and between them, more helices, like starting a weave of interconnections. In patterns of deer lichen and tetrahelices. Wonder if anyone has studied it down to the tiny levels of building. Wonder if that's what I'm seeing.


Seems I need to do a static view from the thumbs overlooking Mesopotamia and the Rangitata river road with an airborn tetrahelix tower, saying "coming soon". Have feelers out for what forces synergize this transport. Seems like it is an antenna and transducer and kind of leader or guide or standard. Needed.


At Blessings Beach felt almost a graveyard pattern of iBars, buried so showing only slim "Y" profile, with spiral stacks around, like the deer lichen at MindField area on nature path.


This vision is currently located under the Trips / Imagine / Evolution / Consciousness / Between section.

Trips are cyber travels envisioning, encountering, and interacting with worlds, seen as inner or outer or both. This is a both trip. The outer world deer lichen is in Florida, USA. The inner world is LSM. Within you and without you; remember the Beatles song?

Imagine topics might at first look like Art or Travel, tuning in to shared reality as a base for flights into the unknown. This trip requires you to imagine structures of psyche in yourself and your environment.

Evolution starts on normal ground and traces expansion. Consciousness is expanding. This one is acknowledges similarities and wonders if we can think together, cross species?

Between is where iBars transition. iBars mingling with 3D consciousness lead to cancer and Alzheimer's disease. iBars raised with 5D consciousness lead to evolution.

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See Deer Moss, MindField, or consciousness.

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