Glow Beams

Dream on 2007-02-11, entitled: Glow Beams to Lake

Beams are flowing down into NW arm of Eastern Lake.

I looked out to the North Star, Polaris, and saw the stars as bright as they were when going to sleep last night. But the dipper has swung around from right up to down left. And over to the right, that must be Cygnus! Turn off all lights and go on balcony to be in the pre-dawn night. What is over there where I saw the beams flowing? I can't see because it is sort of hazy there and trees in the way.
I come in and look at my star chart. Yes, I was right about Cygnus the constellation identified with the evolutionary Elobeing (see announcement, August 10, 1998). Over on the NW horizon, is Gemini, birth sign of my twin grandchildren! OOh this is portentous.

Of course the words don't convey the dream, which is primarily a vision. I draw it, but the movement is missing. I do a Flash movie. But I need to do dreamwork. This is in the Florida Art section rather than the journal (that has dreams) because my involvement has gone beyond journalizing. It is also linked from the orginal dream journal page.

Two days after the dream, my dreamwork is to visit the site shown in the dream. The lake location of the dream flow of gloers was inaccessible from land, but I needed to get as close as possible. It is in Pt. Washington State Forest. I approach from the Cassine trail on the north side and from the old logging road on the south. Somewhere on this meditative vision quest I envisioned glows with an evergreen-tree like, triangular outline or fountain form on the waters. At the site, sitting, felt them come up into me like vein cleansers and chakra nodes stacked in spine. Even later, felt they left but maybe a keeper remains at chakra 8 or 9. And that can expand to overall sphere chakra as protective or introspective bubble. An addition to aura?

Movie or Images

YouTube or Vimeo conversion from the original Flash: Choose a Flash movie that fills your screen or the original size movie (987x680). It requires Flash 8+. Alternatively, see push button or automatic slide show. Images are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Here is an image from the movie.

glow beams movie

Interesting that Axiom at is doing a conference in May, 2007, called "Orbs: What is Going On?" Their links suggest orbs are non-corporeal beings. Entities. They have appeared in 3D reality and in photographs. Suddenly I'm remembering a photo from about 1968, where an orb aura enveloped a friend of mine. I can point to several "orbs" or circular spirit entities in my work. I rather trust intuitive or dream orbs that appear in consciousness. Wow, there was a domain called that documented plasma energy orbs in Gulf Breeze, Florida. That is close to here. Late in 2007, driving through Gulf Breeze, I had a vision of iBars.

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