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Imagine, Evolution - Deer Moss of the Mind

These pages are to give flight to your imagination. This topic envisions the between of Liquid Starlight of the Mind (LSM) and Deer Moss. Call it "Liquid Starlight of the Mind of Deer Moss", too. It is part of a series about Deer Lichen (commonly called deer moss) starting under the Lookout/Lookout2007 section and pages devoted to LSM linked to the stained glass representation, where it first appeared. This synergy is currently located under the Trips / Imagine / Evolution / Consciousness / Between section.

LSM is an element of psyche connecting aura to mind and cosmic juices to memories, which I discovered in 1973 when creating Wholeo Dome. Deer moss is a lichen that I learned about in 2002. It wasn't until 2007 that I saw ways that they mapped together. The structure of deer lichen matches the visions of LSM.

Trips are cyber travels envisioning, encountering, and interacting with worlds, seen as inner or outer or both. This is a both trip. The outer world deer lichen is in Florida, USA. The inner world is LSM. Within you and without you; remember the Beatles song?

Imagine topics might at first look like Art or Travel, tuning in to shared reality as a base for flights into the unknown. This trip requires you to imagine structures of psyche in yourself and your environment.

Evolution starts on normal ground and traces expansion. Consciousness is expanding. This one is acknowledges similarities and wonders if we can think together, cross species?

See an Adobe Flash 8+ movie with fixed or adjustable window size.

If you can't see the movie, try graphics snapshots taken from the movie in thumbnails or a few small images.

See the Moss Mind, UAUs, and other related visions under Deer Lichen Visions and Links. This is deer lichen site 4.1 on the deer lichen path.

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