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iBar Spiral Stacking movie

From my journal, 2007-12-16:

"On nature trail, coming back from the dock, deer lichen (commonly called deer moss) all large and perked up and communicative, say HI. Lots of tiny iBars thrown up to me if I stack in spirals, paired with spiral reverse stack. That is, do spiral stacks both ways. It "keeps" them (idea of magnetic keeping). Hard for me to see and do the opposite way. I get it and see the stacks take off, that is multiply and like fractals, sort of miniaturize and form into larger double spiral helixes made of lots of little spiral clumps that I had started making."

Usually I link to visions described in my journal on the background page. I refer to the activity in this vision as iBar Spiral Stacks, vertical channels of consciousness, spiraling columns, and sensation conductors of MindField.

Using the above movie

You need get Flash Flash 9 or higher to see the Flash animation. The movie is about 30 seconds long, depending on computer capability or how long you linger at each stop before clicking the Play button.

angular buttons

You can control the movie by clicking the angular button controls at the bottom of the movie itself, or with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

Flash allows you to zoom in and out to see details of different areas. To zoom in, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Click the movie, and choose Zoom in from the menu. (Not sure which browsers support this. Firefox on Macintosh shows the zoom in menu but tries to add bookmark instead of zooming.)

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