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In 2007, growing close to Deer Lichen (commonly called deer moss), I wrote that I'm part of the MindField of these plants. Everything has consciousness, called mind. Mind's connections are a field. In 2008, I encourage us to share conscious action based on these kinds of visions. From 2009 on see additions to the list below.

MindField is the background for multiple symbiosis. Why capitalize and SmallTalk the word? To set it apart as an invented word/concept. For comic relief I'm thinking of the late comedian Roger Dangerfield, hearing him muttering, "MindField, eh". "Like another baloney sandwich, maybe? Mine field." "Wat are yuh tryn to say? Like I can make jokes even if I'm dead? I can't make up my own mind? Nuts."

Thinking that scientists discredit "ether" as a medium (in propagation of light rays, for example). However there could be a basis for telepathy or Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) called "aether"; for example, see http://www.rialian.com/rnboyd/what-is-aether.htm. There is no unified field theory. Is there? According to Wikipedia, it is to unify forces between objects, so leaves out subjects, and no, it is not solved. I need the MindField idea and term as a placeholder without previous connotations, to help explain visions, such as the spiraling columns in the Adobe Flash movie below, (see spiral stacks). See new additions on the list below.

This is deer lichen MindField. deer lichen path icon On each related page, find a path icon that links to here, back to Lookout 2007, sites or forward to Lookout 2009, Perspectives, and Lookout 2010, Lookout 2011 or Lookout Mindfield 2012.

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