Lookout for 2011 - MindField 2012

In 2008, having grown close to Deer Lichen (commonly called deer moss) in 2007, I shared the MindField of these plants. Everything has consciousness, called mind. Mind's connections are a field. For Lookout 2010, there was a specific vision calling for a specific action and propagation of a message. Then came Lookin 2011. These beginnings will take a few years to fully engage, so Lookout 2011 continues to target MindField 2012. See the festivals or Occupy Wall Street report.

fragments of deer lichen Estuary Festival 2011, Deer lichen and friends present at the Rocky Bayou State Park on April 30

Anita Page at the B2N Swamp Tromp Back to Nature Festival, events I attended Oct. 14-16 and a movie of the Swamp Tromp

Protestors meditating at Zuccotti Park 11/28/2011 OccupyLookout, photos taken by a friend in NYC of OWS from Oct. 3 - Nov. 28

In late 2010 and early 2011 I tracked earthballs and earthstars locally on the Emerald Coast of NW Florida. For specifics see puffballs.

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