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Fungi + Algae = Lichen

Estuary Festival 2011

Here's support for my Deer Lichen and Friends display and guided hike at the Choctawhatchee Estuary Family Festival at Rocky Bayou State Park on April 30, 2011. The images above show an earthball (fungus), pond scum (algae), and deer lichens (comparing dixie and deer moss types). The lichen synergizes its fungal and algal components, looking and acting quite differently from either kind separately. Link to festival handout (FAQ) and map of hike.


This year on the hike on Red Cedar Trail, I flagged three locations of deer lichen that might be different from the predominant deer moss type. I am harvesting fragments of deer lichen that have been destroyed along the paths in our woods. These are for people to distribute and give new life in protected locations.

fragments of deer lichen

The handout says something like this:

Plant me. Deer lichen likes the edges or lighted forest floors, away from larger rooted plants, resting on well-drained sandy soil. If I like the place, it may take years to expand and branch out. Watch me. For info, see

See Lookout 2011.

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