Lookout for 2009 - deer lichen perspectives

In 2007, growing close to Deer Lichen (commonly called deer moss) I visit sites; I am a hiker. In 2008 venturing into MindField; I am a mystic. In 2009 needing analysis, logistics, archive, order, indexing, references, a resource center: all part of perspectives; I am a scholar. Perspective as the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in meaningful relationships. All these sections are under development, ongoing.

Also, see the 8th annual Back to Nature event.


This is deer lichen perspectives. deer lichen path icon On each related page, find a path icon that links to here. Back to Lookout 2007, sites, Lookout 2008, MindField, Lookout 2010, Lookout 2011, or Lookout Mindfield 2012.

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