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On the December Solstice, 12/21/2010 watching the eclipse of the full moon, guidance came via the star Sirius. See the movie (Flash or HTML5) and read the thoughts. Together they provide a sense of the perception.

pineal cone glowI got to Seaside beach before 1:30, all set up and happy. Shined my UV light and saw a glow of oil, just a grain of sand size. We had a great view of the stars over the gulf. I was looking directly at Sirius. Twinkly diamond with blue mastering. At first seeming to transmit info directly to brain, codes, language, etc. Then I remembered the pine cone (shape in the pineal gland), opened and tiny replicas of Sirius lit up each seed or seed pocket. Stunning. Then I thought to transmit but could only manage to meditate some. We saw several shooting stars. I pointed out Canis Major, Gemini, Pleiades and the Milky Way stretching up through Sirius, across the toes of Gemini and arching over to Cassiopeia in the north.

OK flash back to vision that I had last night from Sirius. It continued before dawn when walking on Blessing Beach east. I thought to flex pineal faster but what happened was like opening a periscope and the Sirius seeds glowed. In bright clear light, not mystically faint like regular pineal. Also regular pineal light for my ego, for my small self, for my survival mode. But Sirius mode is above that, beyond that. Like higher self.

pineal light flexing pathsAnd the movement was astounding. Not only going left, but right. That is turning both ways simultaneously. And not just horizontal but spirally the way that pine cones are structured. So a kind of four-way action. Up left, down left, up right and down right. Those whizzing glittering Sirius diamonds. Can't remember the purpose though.

Another "place I'm going" is the pineal. I want to graphic the new light system that I visualized, or that appeared to me so well and satisfyingly. But I'm not clear about the purpose of flexing pine cone seed diamonds. Like in Wonder in Aliceland of psyche is it part of an individual. But this was rising above that. Not a substitute, I don't think. Or didn't think. It was an evolution. A development.

To work backwards, I'm thinking of the pine cone erect fits in the pineal turret. But other parts of the hologram appear sideways in the horizontal part. Should I turn the pinecone sideways? What I think is that an orthogonal turn is what we should get out of 2012 and that's what the erect pine cone is.

Should note that was impressed with the galaxy picture, that we saw the Milky Way at the angle in that picture.

12/26 Thinking about pineal cone as christmas tree, perhaps the true inner christmas tree. Also thinking about Sirius and the soul transmissions and the dream. Maybe should study Sirius guidance more.
Sirius/Pineal Gland = Serious thinker, Balanced (Pineal balances left and right brain for Bi-Polar and Schizophrenic disorders) from a lost link.
http://ipower.ning.com/group/pinealglanddmtinfolinks releases flash of DMT.
http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/om2.htm detailed chemical analysis of pineal
WOW best collection of videos and pix about pineal: http://liveinchapelperilous.blogspot.com/2008/05/pineal-3rd-eye.html

12/27 What's the difference between endorphins and seratonin? What does advancing design and twirling Sirius starred pineal promote? It was feeling of satisfaction with now. Well-being.

12/28 Photoed pinecones and verified that they have the opened wholeo sine wave pattern of structure organization.

Times Square ball12/30 This 2011 is to be the year of the pineal. Lookin, not lookout. My cells love the combo of not only binary info states of the normal pineal, but the turned on pinecone. It is programmable like the Times Square ball. So the number of bits is vastly magnified. Will have to do a movie of the flashing. The spiral complexity overlying the basic pineal flashing. This is how we evolve. Fits so perfectly with the new agers. I should collect more that say the vibe is changing, body changing. Fire the grid? Fire the pineal.

1/1/2011 http://www.soundsofsirius.com/crystalskulls.html the "true language of Sirius"; the language before language was recorded; the root of all language.
This guy has a crystal skull named Star Sirius: http://www.crystalmaster.com/newz08/61208.html

1/4 Susan Sun says this is year of inner too. Here is a page about Sirius: http://www.souledout.org/cosmology/highlights/siriushighlights/siriusheavenlyhost.html. I read that what I've called the "Cave of Brahma" or "Center of Vision", Taoists call "the Crystal Palace".

1/16 Dream of movable modular furniture that I feel is related to the Sirius crystals and also the basic brain cell. But as crystals, the square tables could be arrangements of the crystals in brain cells or in the pineal. Show them coming in groups of four. As they circulate in four directions they come back each time to that clump. Order. Move. Order. Move. Looping. I get that the array (dream table top) is like a microwave satellite dish or function adapting to our information storage blocks.


Each face is a fractal, infinitely dividable, so stores vast amounts of information. I access it through my vibes, stacking. Overcoming the orbital angles of local info, planetary, solar system, galactic slants. This is how meditation comes in, to zero the vibes.


See the movie; Flash or HTML5. See Lookout 2011 or Lookout Mindfield 2012.

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