Pineal and consciousness

Pineal and the 4 Phases of Consciousness

Dog adds, "Buckminster Fuller might describe the mystery of consciousness by Synergy, finding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

"I keep hearing the song, 'Amazing Grace'" Wonder confesses. "To me consciousness seems like an act of God/dess or mystic power. I can see these processes related to my name occurring in my mind. Still I know I've just begun to understand."

"Who am I?" "Who are we?" are questions that come up in the friends' minds. The four stare at the Pineal display. Each has their own Hologram but they can't communicate in its medium.

All of a sudden, Bear has an inspiration. He stomps around repeating, "I've got it! A plan." He stops, then continues, "We'll ask the fetus to please remember and to tell us what's stored in the Memory Beads."

Wonder replies, "When it does, it will know, but how will we know? This isn't our mind." "Aha," pronounces Bear with wild enthusiasm, "But it is yours, Wonder. You can tune into it."

Wonder hands Bear her crystal. He hypnotizes her, saying, "You are a fetus. You have just made and stored your first Memory Beads. BE (imagine you are) yourself as a fetus and then tell us the memory." Wonder succumbs to numbness. Slowly she follows the suggestion.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 76-77

Note in 2013: need to explain the form of each phase. Left to right and top to bottom they are Enlarged, Prayer, Overlapped, and Meditation phases. Enlarged is the cylindrical coil. In the Prayer phase, the coil forms dual spheres by bringing spiral coils to focus top, bottom and at the Center of Consciousness. In the Overlapped phase, coils tighten into the center and spirals overlap in forming Memory Beads. In Meditation, the spins at center thin, lift, and concentrate, forming concave indentations in the Coil.
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